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If you are like most people, there’s the occasional chance that you might be stopped for a DUI or OVI (Operating a Vehicle While Impaired). Maybe you stop of for a couple of drinks after work, or have a few beers at a football game. If you are stopped by a police officer, there’s a good chance that your blood alcohol content may be over the legal limit. What can you do to minimize the repercussions of a DUI or OVI charge?

As Upper Arlington, Ohio OVI attorneys, our firm has some recommendations to help you when it comes time to defend yourself against OVI charges.  At www.serious-ohio-dui-defense.com, we suggest the following:

  • Politely and respectfully decline to answer questions without an attorney present. When given the opportunity, immediately call our firm of Whitehall, OH DUI lawyers.  That way no statements can be made that will be used against you at a later date.
  • Refuse to take field sobriety tests (the tests conducted at the road side). You are not require to submit to this testing, but the police officer may decide to arrest you and require additional testing. By not complying with the field testing, you aren’t allowing the police officer to gather additional evidence that can be used against you.
  • Politely decline taking a preliminary breath test. The police officer carries a handheld instrument that is notoriously inaccurate. Again, this prevents the collection of misleading or erroneous evidence.
  • Comply with blood, breath, or urine tests conducted at the police station (or hospital). The consequence of refusing this test is the automatic suspension of your license. However, even if the results indicate an elevated blood alcohol level, there are still many ways for our Whitehall, OH DUI lawyers to question these tests and the evidence gathered.

While no one wants to be questioned or arrested on possible Dublin, Ohio OVI or DUI charges, it’s sometimes unavoidable. What you can avoid is given the police the opportunity to gather evidence to use against you. Sometimes, it pays to be prepared.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI or an OVI, our firm at www.serious-ohio-dui-defense.com can help you defend yourself against these charges.  Whether you work with our Upper Arlington, Ohio OVI attorneys or our Whitehall, Ohio DUI lawyers, we’ll help you fight these charges. Hopefully, we can minimize or even eliminate the charges against you and you can go back to your normal routine. For more information about our law firm, go to www.serious-ohio-dui-defense.com.

We serve DUI OVI clients in the following cities and townships of Ohio: Columbus, Delaware, Dublin, Grandview Heights, Lancaster, Marble Cliff, Marysville, New Albany, Newark, Upper Arlington and Worthington areas.

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